Spiritual Discernment through the Poetry of
W.E. Consiglio MSW MDiv DMin



What is Spiritual Discernment?

Spiritual Discernment is a conversation between two Christians (Discerner - Discernee) under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, with the objective of discerning how God is working in their lives. They prayerfully listen to the voice of the Father, Jesus, and the Spirit in all the experiences, choices, challenges, and changes of a person's life, whether it be social, psychological, emotional, circumstantial, relational, or spiritual. How is God speaking to us and what is He doing in our lives? Poetry is an instrument for this discernment.


What is Poetic Spiritual Discernment?

This form of Spiritual Discernment uses poetry to focus the spiritual conversation, allowing the Holy Spirit to use the poetry to open and stimulate areas of importance in each person's life. Dr Bill's poetry touches on numerous themes and experiences of life. Faith, doubts, fears, heaven, hell, salvation, the love of God, trust, spiritual childhood, the gospel, sin, waiting, suffering, and many Bible passages. Dr Bill brings his decades of both psychological and pastoral ministry work with people to this undertaking.


We are Loved

Spiritual Discernment makes it clear that the Father, Jesus, and Holy Spirit love us. Each Person of the Holy Trinity is intimately, continuously involved in attempting to direct our lives and lead us into the fullness of the divine likeness. There is no experience, event or circumstance that is outside the concern of our heavenly Father. Constantly there is a reminder that "all things are working together for good for those who love God and are called according to his purposes." (Romans 8:28)



If you are interested in this form of spiritual discernment,
(1) please send me an email [address: Spiritual Discernment - wconsiglio@gmail.com] and tell me about yourself and your interest in spiritual discernment. HERE are some things to reflect on. SD is by email [or possibly Telephone]. We will communicate about once or twice a month, for about six months to a year. (2) When I receive your email I'll let you know if I am able to begin SD with you. Then you can begin sending me your reflections on the poems, and I'll respond to you. There is no fee for this service.

Of course you can do self-discernement on your own.










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